JavaScript (Babel)

ΒΆ Dependencies

TODO: require, import, require.resolve, import(), navigator.serviceWorker, new Worker, new SharedWorker, preloading

ΒΆ Babel

Without a custom Babel config, Babel only runs if you have a browserslist config of some kind (in that case, @babel/preset-env is used) or use non-standard syntax (JSX, TypeScript, Flow).

Files in node_modules are not processed with Babel.

ΒΆ Caching

To not opt out of caching, you should:

ΒΆ Extending the default Babel config

Parcel doesn't modify your Babel config, so if you want to add a Babel plugin, you'll need to replicate the default configuration:

"presets": ["@parcel/babel-preset-env"],
"plugins": ["@parcel/babel-plugin-transform-runtime"]

These two are wrappers of their Babel conterparts that enable Parcel to set the target browsers based on the Parcel configuration (e.g. target specific environment, dual module/nomodule transpilation, not transpiling ES modules with scope hoisting). You can still pass the same options to these presets/plugins as to @babel/preset-env and @babel/plugin-transform-runtime.

If you use React, TypeScript or Flow, you'll need to add @babel/preset-react, @babel/plugin-transform-typescript, and @babel/plugin-transform-flow-strip-types yourself, respectively.

Using @babel/preset-env directly usually causes problems with scope hoisting (broken builds or large bundles) because Babel will have transpiled away ES modules into CommonJS modules.

(This functionality is provided by @parcel/transformer-babel)