🏭 Production

How Parcel helps you optimizing your project for production

See Scope hoisting for how to optimize your code for tree shaking.

ΒΆ Inspecting bundle size

Parcel has builtin plugins for a few tools to help with analyzing bundle size.

ΒΆ Bundle Analyzer

To generate a HTML file for every bundle, run the @parcel/reporter-bundle-analyzer plugin (using the --reporter flag or via "reporters" in .parcelrc):

parcel build src/index.html --reporter @parcel/reporter-bundle-analyzer

This generates a folder parcel-bundle-reports in your project root with an HTML file for every target:

A screenshot of the bundle analyzer output

ΒΆ Bundle Buddy

parcel build src/index.html --reporter @parcel/reporter-bundle-buddy

Upload the files in the dist directory on the Bundle Buddy website.

A screenshot of the Bundle Buddy website with a loaded project